mardhiyya said: Where do you think the stigma comes from? Working conditions? Low pay and, in turn, cost? I am just guessing!

That’s not the stigma I was referring to. And that’s not the case everywhere. In the tech sector specifically, workers aren’t in sweat shops, they’re in their homes or offices. Their low rates are justified based on the volume of work they take on, and the value of the dollar vs. their currency. 

I’m talking about Americans only advocating “Made in America” companies, and frowning upon the work of firms overseas because they assume it’s inferior by default. 

There’s a stigma associated with outsourced labor because Americans are ignorant, but they fail to realize regardless of the fractional costs, half of these dudes overseas are more talented than anyone you’ll find here.

What religion is your step father? Do you agree with people of conflicting faiths getting married?

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That information is of no pertinence to you. As for your second question, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your own beliefs and how you intend to raise your children, then I don’t see a problem.

People who go “both countries are at fault”


What they think they sound like:

“I’m so rational. The truth is somewhere in the middle, they’re both wrong. I’m so nuanced and enlightened with my views.”

What they actually sound like:

“History and context are things that do not exist to me. In whatever dimension I exist in, I believe that there is an equivalence between an advanced occupying army that is notorious for war crimes, and an occupied brutalized population.”

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