why do you think dating is so bad during the age of 18-23ish? like what if you have a really stable, balanced, understanding, and passionate relationship at this age? it's not delusional.. it's real and you both value each other very much. and may even consider spending future together. I just wanna know that if it's firm with love and trust, would you still be against it?

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Most of the 18 year olds I know don’t even know what they want to major in. Or what they want for dinner for that matter. You expect them to know what they want out of a significant other? Those years are extremely pivotal in determining what a person’s entire future will look like, and more often than not, relationships get in the way of that.

They impede a person’s decision-making process because emotions have the propensity to supersede one’s rationale. More often than not, they’re not the person you end up marrying, and things go sour. Sometimes that’s not the case and they end up working out for the long haul, but how realistic is that provided today’s society? Not very much.

I’m not telling anyone what to do, I was just stating my opinion, and clearly many people agree.

All of the success I’ve had this past year began with a breakup, I don’t think I’d have attained even a fraction of it if I were still in a relationship. 

know of any useful websites/books that would be helpful in learning about computer science/programming?

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Can’t speak on books related to comp sci or programming, only web development. All of the programming I know for app development etc. I learned online. 

I really need your advice , I came to the conclusion that I want my ex out of my life as much as it hurts , shits just not healthy for me . I just cant do it , but it hasn't been easy for me . I just texted them to never contact me again that I didn't want anything to do with them and it made me feel like shit .

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If you’ve already arrived to that conclusion it’s the end of it. You don’t need anyone else’s validation, especially not my own. But what I’ll tell you is distance yourself from them, remove any traces of their existence for as long as you need to and focus on bettering yourself. 

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